Shooting and Skill Workouts
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Welcome to Brad Redford Basketball

Brad Redford basketball is a specific workout program designed by Brad Redford, to help aid in the development of young basketball players. These workouts will be done in individual, group, and team sessions which will allow for one on one teaching and quality training. Brad Redford has created these workouts over countless hours, days, and years spent in the gym working on his own basketball skills. During his basketball career, he has played at the highest level of college basketball at Xavier University, been taught by some of the best coaches across the country, and excelled at a very high level. Listed below are the number of participants allowed in each session and the pricing for each type of session. Contact Brad Redford basketball today to schedule your desired session!!!! All workouts may be scheduled weekly or on a reoccurring basis. For more detailed information on the workout of your choice click on the box to the left.